ID#20863 North Hollywood Home For Sale

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Sales Price : $36,000.00
City : North Hollywood
State : CA
Zip : 91605
Bedrooms : 3
Full Bathrooms : 3
Type : Single Family



For sale: $36,000. Big home in a great area of North Hollywood. PLEASE READ EVERYTHING FIRST BEFORE REACHING OUT:Hi there potential buyers! This beautiful home has been reduced in price specifically and only for a first time buyer for a cash sale of $36,000! Im selling my home so inexpensively because, my family and I own many properties across the country. Once a year we sell one or a few of our homes to first time buyers for under $50,000. This is done aa a give back, and to bless a family or individual that needs it. I am not interested in hearing from anyone with representation or anyone that has previously owned a home. So, no realtors, no lenders, no investors, no wholesalers, no attorneys and no one that has ever owned a property. FIRST TIME BUYERS ONLY!Also, this home is occupied by tenants until the 15th of April. They've purchased their own property and are in the process of moving, but due to their lease and contract, we must give 48 hours notice before a person can see the inside or do a walk thru. We are not giving that notice until a person or persons interested, deposits 10% hard cash, of the asking price, total of $3,600 to us via moneygram. We are in Florida currently, and as this is a first come first serve, the deposit must be sent within an hour and a half of them calling our property agent, to say they want to move forward. This is done along with having signed and received the contractual letter of intent, prior signed by me.Before deposit, our agent Ms. Seifert, is the only representation dealing with this home. She will require a photo ID to prove you are a first time buyer. Then after moneygram of the 10% is received by us she will send an interested purchaser the contractual letter of intent (already signed by us). Which states that the 10% is fully refundable, once the walk thru happens, if you no longer want it. However, it is also made clear that we will not give the 48 hours notice to the tenants until the 10% is confirmed being received via moneygram. I will at that point, once funds are confirmed to have been received, change the status on Zillow from "for sale" to "sale pending". Following giving the notice to the tenants of the walk thru happening 48 hours later.If after the walk thru the purchaser still wants to move forward, then the balance 90% will either be due at closing or over 5 years owner financing at $540 a month. No interest is attached and we will pay all taxes for the property for the entire 5 years! Closing will be on the 16th of April and home will be able to be possessed at that time. Closing costs and title fees will be paid by me, at closing and thru a title company. This is an opportunity for a lucky first time buyer, but if you are not a first time buyer with the 10% hard cash bills to us here in Florida via moneygram, an hour and a half from the time you call, then receive the letter of intent, the same day you call, and you are not willing to follow the process we have stated above, then this home is not for you! PERIOD. So, please don't contact our property agent to waste her time! However, if you have the 10% and are ready and willing to do the process, then call our agent Ms. Seifert now on 4076633497!